FEES • • •

Please email to reserve your lesson time. Once you have reserved a lesson time, please submit an on-line REGISTRATION FORM for each student.  A $27.50 registration fee is due at this time (one per family). 

Lesson Fees and Payment 
For beginning students, weekly half-hour lessons is the standard.  As students advance over the years, 45-minute lessons is typical.  Half-hour lessons are $27.50 ($110/month) and 45-minute lessons are $41.25 ($165/month).  The Lesson Calendar spans 9 months and has 36 lesson weeks.   

When you have registered and booked your lesson time and start date, you will receive an email which will include a simple chart that indicates the student’s total lesson count and fees for the year, based on their start week, as well as your method of payment options. Fees may be paid by Interac e-Transfer, PayPal or a series of post-dated cheques.

Note that regularly scheduled lessons are occasionally cancelled due to conflicts with statutory or school holidays. In this event, the lesson amount will be credited to your account and refunded to you if your instructor is unable to schedule a make-up lesson by the end of the instruction year.

It is very important that your fees are paid in a timely way, as we cannot hold a lesson spot if fees are not being paid.  A fee of $50.00 will be charged for NSF cheques. A late payment charge of 2% per month will be applied on amounts due past 30 days.

Note: Your instructor cannot accept payment.

If you choose to pay by cheque, please make cheques payable to: Community Music and mail to

Community Music
P.O. Box 4316
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 4T3

Missed Lessons
Instructors are not obligated to provide make-up lessons for student absences.  Students are required to pay for all regularly scheduled lessons. Exceptions are made only for extended student absences for health reasons, with proper notification. 

Cancelled Lessons
If your instructor cancels a lesson throughout the year, a maximum of two lessons will be made up at the end of the instruction year, in the Make Up Weeks at the end of the Lesson Calendar.  When more than two lessons are cancelled, those lesson fees will be refunded at the end of the instruction year. Students who do not take advantage of scheduled make-up lessons will be considered absent and the usual policy for missed lessons will apply.

After the first 8 lessons, students who cannot complete the instruction year may withdraw, without penalty, until April 1st.  After that date, a late-withdrawal fee of 4 lessons will apply for withdrawals. Withdrawal is effective in the week following your call or written notification (e-mail) to Community Music.